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Robust IoT Solutions for Unlimited Applications

Data Center/Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Reliably monitor and log temperatures. Receive high/low temperature alerts.

Industrial Automation

Ethernet I/O products can be easily integrated into SCADA and industrial automation systems.

Security Control & Monitoring

Drop-in solutions for existing systems. Monitor contact-closure sensors. Control locks or alarms.

Remote Relay Control

Remotely control a device in a remote location, using a simple web interface.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M/IoT) Communication

Simple interoperability between I/O modules and devices in small and large-scale applications. .


Communicates with existing systems via XML commands, Modbus/TCP, and SCADA.

Web-Enabled Inputs & Outputs

Control devices using relays. Monitor devices using digital “dry-contact” inputs, analog inputs, temperature/humidity, and more.

All inputs and outputs can be controlled and monitored using a standard web browser. No cloud services necessary!



Connect electrical devices to relays located on our Ethernet I/O modules. Use the module’s built-in web pages to turn the relays on or off.

Remote Control

Control relays remotely using our module’s built-in web control page.