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Out-of-band management solutions for total network control

Out-of-band management solutions give you control over your entire network from anywhere in the world, using one pane of glass.
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In Partnership with ZPE Systems - Europe

Trade costly on-site support for remote network management

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Get rid of expensive truck rolls. Control your network from anywhere using remote out-of-band access, device power management, and in-depth monitoring & reporting.

Take the Work out of Network

  • Get out-of-band management for savings across the board: Nodegrid’s out-of-band puts you in full control. Deploy it on top of your existing system, and simply use your browser to manage your network from anywhere. It’s secure & reliable, and saves resources across the board.

  • Keep your network running with smart power management: Plug into Nodegrid to put your equipment at your fingertips. Not only do you get cabinet-level monitoring, but you can also pinpoint faulty equipment and cycle device power. Use smart power management to boost uptime & energy efficiency.

  • Use in-depth monitoring & reporting to prevent downtime: Gain invaluable insights to streamline your network environment. Stay proactive with fault and performance monitoring of all your connected devices, while reporting and automation features help you fix issues before they happen.

What is out-of-band management?

Out-of-band management (OOBM) separates your production network from your management network, allowing you to remotely manage and troubleshoot your infrastructure without relying on a LAN or ISP connection.

By installing Nodegrid’s devices in your data centers and branch offices, you can easily create an alternative path to critical network devices using your choice of connection, including 5G/4G LTE cellular. Gain uninterrupted access to your entire network, even during outages, to find and fix issues without needing on-site technicians.

The best part is that OOBM provides high-level remote access and control capabilities for all connected devices in one unified platform, simplifying your overall network management.

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Gen 3 Out-of-Band Serial Console Solution

A Gen 3 out-of-band serial console, uses vendor-neutral hardware and an open, Linux-based operating system. This ensures easy integrations with your choice of third-party automation and orchestration tools like Docker and Ansible and gives you the freedom to write custom scripts in whichever language you prefer.

The Nodegrid Gen 3 OOB serial console can also host third-party applications, Docker containers, and security solutions. This gives network administrators a single, unified control panel from which to orchestrate automated workflows, manage edge computing resources, and secure remote traffic.

Plus, Nodegrid hardware and software are protected by the Zero Trust Security Framework Foundation, which includes security-in-depth hardware features, embedded firewall functionality, and support for SAML 2.0 authentication (e.g., Duo or Okta).

Nodegrid Manager & ZPE Cloud
Keep Your Network Assets in Tune with You

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Nodegrid Manager makes your networking jobs simple. Instead of juggling unique tools & UIs from an array of vendors, Nodegrid Manager puts all your solutions under one umbrella. Use a single intuitive interface to control console servers, routers, PDUs, VMs, and everything on your network.

  • Save time & map out your network automatically

  • Cut costs with remote control of all your assets

  • Reduce stress & fatigue using normalized commands

Cloud based network management with ZPE Cloud
Scale on demand & stay in control using ZPE Cloud

ZPE Cloud is cloud based network management that simplifies how you scale and manage branch networks. Connect Nodegrid devices to extend cloud-based control across your infrastructure, and experience more free & secure access to keep business going.

  • Scale easily with automated provisioning of end devices

  • Get convenient, VPN-less access from anywhere

  • Boost security using location-based features & SSO

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Hardware Appliances

Services Router Nodgrid - iCE.png
Nodegride Net Services Router
Nodegride Console Plus - iCE.png
Nodegride Serial Consoles

Edge and Branch Router/Consoles

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Nodegrid Mini - iCE.png
Nodegride Compact Service Routers
Nodegride Mini Service Routers
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