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X-20s™ | 6 Relay, 6 Digital Input Expansion Module

X-20s™ | 6 Relay, 6 Digital Input Expansion Module

The X-20s expansion module has 6 relays and 6 digital inputs which can be accessed through the X-600M controller

  • Overview

    The X-20s™ expansion module is used with the X-600M controller. The X-20s has six, high-current relays, each with Form-C contacts (SPDT) and six, optically-isolated digital inputs. A screw terminal strip provides high-current connections to the relays.

    The X-20s is suitable for use with controlling relatively heavy loads such as motors, solenoid valves, and lights. Switches can be connected to the X-20s' digital inputs to locally control these loads. The digital inputs can also be used for other monitoring applications such as limit switches, security sensors, or light switches.

    Since the X-20s functions as a slave device to the X-600M, the advanced features of the X-600M can be utilized with this module. For example scheduling, remote relay control, logging, counting, email alerts based upon single input state change or multiple input state changes, and many other features are available. Attach multiple X-20s modules or a combination of expansion modules to the X-600M for an I/O combination that is tailored to your specific needs.

    Other expansion modules with different I/O combinations are also available.

  • Features

    • 6 isolated relays SPDT
    • Relay functions: ON/OFF or Pulse
    • Great for heavy-load applications including:
      • Motors
      • Solenoid valves
      • Lights
      • and much more ...
    • Thermoplastic, UL94V-0, 3-wall, 0.375" pitch
    • 6 optically-isolated digital inputs
    • Digital input functions:
      • Monitor State
      • Control Relays
      • Control Remote Relays
      • Count
      • Frequency
      • High Time
      • ON Time
    • 13 LEDs for outputs, inputs, and power
    • Power Supply: 9-28 VDC (24V recommended)
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