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"The reality is, Africa does not operate in traditional, 1st-World conditions..."

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The reality is, Africa does not operate in traditional, 1st-World conditions, environments or climates. Besides higher than average temperatures, most African countries are subject to frequent power outages and instability. 

Besides the obvious, this sets off a chain of events including security risks, loss of communications and the increase risk of surge, causing further loss or damage. 

Under these conditions, remote monitoring is like having a skilled technician at all your sites on a 24/7 basis.

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First World Technology, South African Resilience...

"The Best of Both Worlds"

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iCE NEO is the latest generation of our cloud-based monitoring platform designed specifically for real-time monitoring in conditions that are less than ideal.

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Without communication, there is absolutely no benefit for remote monitoring. Information and alerts are the core of any monitoring solution and must be available as and when required.

Redundancy is a key requirement when monitoring mission critical environments and devices.

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The Core of iCE-NEO





Most sites and environments do not have  technical staff manning them on a continuous basis. In addition, sites and devices may be spread across the country or continent. In these instances, remote monitoring offer real-time viewing, data and alerting. This in conjunction with the saving of time and travel, combine to offer the most cost effective and accurate form of reliability and up-time.

Besides, higher than average temperatures, remote monitoring in Africa simply cannot be compared to other parts of the world.


When considering the right platform for your environment, consider solutions that have been designed and tested in Africa, for Africa. 

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Its now an accepted fact that power outages are common practice in most African countries.

During these outages, and without backup power, your environment and/or devices may become susceptible to security issues, or fail to generate alerts when thresholds are exceeded.  

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The iCE-NEO Solution

Cloud based monitoring platform:

  • Global access to site/device status

  • Feature rich, graphical interface

  • Custom dashboard options

  • Logs, trends and historical data

Industrial controllers & monitors:

  • Multiple I/O combination options

    • Digital​

    • Analog

    • Relays

    • Pulse/Counters

    • RS485 (Master/Slave)

  • Internal battery backup options

  • Ethernet/Dual SIM options

Sensor and Meters:

  • Power and Energy

  • Environmental

  • Security

  • Leaks and levels

  • Specialist relays/control

  • Surge control

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