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Access real-time visibility of a single, multiple or national cold storage environment, sending critical alerts to the right people at the right time to ensure that temperature excursions do not degrade or destroy temperature-sensitive products.


Remote, real-time monitoring is where our technology has the greatest impact. Temperature sensitive products including pharmaceutical, fresh food produce and even fresh cut flowers require storage in optimum conditions.

Sensors are placed in strategic positions to ensure optimum coverage

Where existing sensors are installed, additional sensors ensure ideal conditions by offering redundancy 

Sensor types not limited to temperature may also be a requirement. Air-quality and other conditions may include humidity, Co2, O2, CO, NO2 etc.

Other conditions including power status and metering, smoke, access and motion detection are also available options for these environments.

Our sensors are non intrusive and based on latest industrial IoT standards. No additional wiring or power cables are required.

Sensor data is collected centrally through an iCE Gateway devices.

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For more information, contact us on the contact details provided at the bottom of the page...

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