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Cloud or On-Premise Options...

  • Data Centers

  • Smart Cities

  • IoT

  • Facilities Devices

  • Intelligent Buildings

  • Remote Branches

  • Critical Environments

  • Network Devices

  • IT Equipment

  • VM Servers

  • Valuable Assets

  • Cold Storage

iCE Control - Remote Monitoring

iCE365 HTML View

Small, medium and large sites, locations and Data Centers, including facilities and cabling can be monitored through iCE365.

Comprehensive data and logging features allows for comprehensive planning and reporting functionality.

Asset and services management modules ensure devices are accurately accounted for and service and warranty information tracked and reported on. 

iCE365 Global View

When "Up Time" is critical, central, remote monitoring and control is key to identifying thresholds and generating automated reactions and channeled alerts. This is even more evident where multiple branches are spread across the country with little or no technical resources available.

iCE365 Overview - Application View

iCE365 works in conjunction with any of our* power, device and environmental monitoring solutions to provide real-time, 3D view, logging and alerting (SMS, Email, On-Screen, Trap) service. This in conjunction with logging functionality allows for accurate planning, trending and report functionality.

*In addition, iCE365 Cloud will monitor any device supporting standards based IP and industrial protocols such as SNMP, BacNet and Modbus (not limited to).

iCE365, iCE-365

Multiple Sites and Locations?...

iCE365 Intelligent Buildings

iCE365 Intelligent Buildings - Application

A combination of real-time and logged data allow for accurate and informed decision making.

Rack and Device Level Monitoring...

Generate customised and multiple dashboards for each location, rack and device. Configure high and and low thresholds to warn and alert of real-time events.

View and drill down through realistic, 3D floor, room, rack and device levels. Dashboards can be created for each level and device. Thresholds are set based on individual device and site requirements.


iCE365 Data Center View - Application

iCE365 Network Management
iCE365 Facilities Monitoring

iCE365 Rack View - Application

iCE365 Device View with Custom Dashboards

IT and Building Facilities Devices?...

Facilities and related devices can be monitored in multiple ways. Newer generation equipment offer information through intelligent panels or controllers. Often sensors and information is already available via PLC/BMS systems. iCE365 has the ability to access this information and can utilise it for display, dashboards, trends, alerting record keeping.

Where older equipment or models without intelligence are encountered, sensors can be added in key positions offering pro-active, real-time monitoring extending available reaction time.


Power Monitoring allows for the collection and reporting on key power, energy and cooling data such as rated kW, derated kW, actual kW, utilization percentages, kWh and cost. Customer chargeback reporting allows for easy mapping of power, energy consumption and related costs to owners of equipment.

iCE365 Facility Monitoring

iCE365 Facilities View - Application

iCE365 Generator Monitoring

iCE365 Generator View - Application


Key Features...

IT/VM Monitoring
Consolidate monitored and attribute data for wide array of IT assets including physical servers, VM Hosts, VM Guests, Switches, Rack PDUs and more. Easily view connections, dependencies, applications and more with our easy to use IT dashboard tools.


Environmental Monitoring
Temperature and humidity data creates real-time thermal imaging profiles of the floor. Other key data such as leak detection, door closure, air pressure or other contact closure data can easily be displayed as well.


Asset Management
Rack building, cable management, limitless attribute tracking, service events, and warranty information are the core asset management features. Centralize your device data repository to ease management of distributed locations.


Power Monitoring
Collect and report on key power, energy and cooling data such as rated kW, derated kW, actual kW, utilization percentages, kWh and cost. Customer chargeback reporting allows for easy mapping of power, energy consumption and related costs to owners of equipment.


Capacity Planning
Understand current usage of key metrics such as space, power and cooling as compared to capacity limits. Model these current values and limits against planned projects to ensure capacity is present to complete projects.


Change Management
Fully integrated and native capability to generate Projects, Tasks and Work Orders. Plan and reserve asset deployments while generating the required tasks and work orders for their execution to reduce time to deployment and accuracy of implementation work.


3D Rendering of Locations
Comprehensive 3D visualization on the entire physical infrastructure. Thousands of high definition 3D graphics allow a virtual fly-through the data center.


Modeling and Simulation
Model moves, adds and changes prior to deployment. Take the risk out of impacts prior to deployment.


Reports & Dashboards
Preconfigured and custom reports and dashboards offer ultimate KPI tracking, trending and predictive analysis.

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iCE Cloud Monitoring Solutions
  • Multi-Tenant Management

  • Asset Management - Fully integrated

  • Cabling - Network (Copper/Fiber) and Power

  • Capacity Planner - Space, Power, Cooling

  • Port Mapping - Network and Power

  • Service Manager - Maintenance, Warranty, Downtime

  • Work Order Module - Moves, Adds and Changes

  • Reports - Advanced Reporting Options


iCE365 Power Management

iCE365 Power Path View

iCE365 Cable Routing

iCE365 Cable Route View

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