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The objective is  to improve system and application reliability and 

reduce data center operational expenses and by providing a broad set of features used across multiple roles within the data center environment.

To be considered a true, enterprise class DCIM solution the software product must
provide a broad set of features that are able to scale across multiple sites and geographies. 

Features must include functionality related to Asset Modelling, Asset Management, Native Performance Monitoring, Alarming with Notifications and Third Party Data Source Integration.

Integrated Asset Management

iCE365 Visual Data Center provides a software platform which enables customers to
manage assets, model facilities, monitor IT and Facility equipment and manage
workflow while scaling to multiple facilities in different geographies with tens or
thousands of devices and data points. Users can visualize their data center assets
using a desktop client, web interface or mobile platform. 

Key Features...

3D Rendering of Locations

Comprehensive 3D visualization on the entire physical infrastructure. Thousands of high definition 3D graphics allow a virtual fly-through the data center.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning and forecasting against critical infrastructure including space, power, cooling and cable connections.

Modelling and Simulation

Model moves, adds and changes prior to deployment. Take the risk out of impacts prior to deployment.

Change Management

Generate work orders and tickets; assign tasks and track process performance.

Port Mapping

Power, Network and Fiber connections can be created between devices to easily detect impact analysis and root cause of failures.

Reports & Dashboards

KPI tracking, trending and predictive analysis.

Power Management

Advanced power monitoring and dashboard management through the entire power chain from chip-set to the utility; Power Strips, PDU, RPP, UPS, ATS, Generators.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature and humidity from existing sensors and systems to prevent overheating of IT racks.

IP Camera Management

Centralize IP Camera views across multiple locations. Capture motion alarms and correlate physical access control.

Asset Management

Complete inventory of all Data Center Assets including all device properties and software.


Alarm management, end-to-end, of all Mechanical, Electrical, and Power equipment combined with the discovery and monitoring of IT servers, switches, routers, and (VM) virtual machines.

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